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Welcome to Grindstone Intelligence by Austin Harrison.

I started writing about the market back in 2019, when I launched the Means to a Trend blog. I enjoyed it, but I wanted to expand the content offering and dive deeper on some of my ideas, so I founded Grindstone Intelligence, an independent company.

Grindstone publishes technical analysis and economic insights for financial advisors, fund managers, professional traders, and individual investors, with the goal of helping them manage risk and stay on the right side of major market trends. I focus on the macroeconomic environment, intermarket relationships, and trend recognition to identify the asset classes, sectors, industries, and individual companies that are most likely to outperform the market.

The newsletter offers insights on topics like:

  • U.S and International Stock Markets

  • Relative Strength and Sector Rotation

  • Commodities like Oil, Gold, and Silver

  • The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

  • Historical Market Returns

  • Risk Management

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Austin Harrison, CFA, CMT

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Stock market analysis, economic insights, and trade ideas from a Midwest market strategist. Trend following, relative strength, and risk management.


Austin Harrison, CFA, CMT is the Chief Market Strategist at Grindstone Intelligence, an independent investment research firm.